Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bukit Kembara, Ampang

Tracked this trail over the weekend. It's a local favourite for dwellers around Taman TAR, Ampang Jaya residents. The trail description was a steep climb to the reservoir. Ok. Not that steep lah, just a short punt up a well manicured trail.

This place is being kept squeaky clean by like-minded nature lovers and I was impressed there were no empty wrappers and bottles lying around.

99% of visitors stick to the trail which goes round the reservoir. We decided to hike one of the trails that branched off from the reservoir and came back with 5 monster leeches .. one of which was the bloodiest leech bite we've ever encountered ANYWHERE - and at Ampang of all places. It's not like we're in deep woods 100km from civilisation. But there you go.

Another short punt before reaching the reservoir

 Mapped this into revision 9 Sep 2013 so it should come out in the next map release.