Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sungai Pauh Campsite, Cameron Highlands

When you are young, foolish and in love - you would book yourself at Ye Olde Smokehouse at RM700+ per night. But if you're unable to tick any two out of the three above - we present to you Sg Pauh Campsite.

Well you would think it being only 2 weeks into Raya season 2016, the campsite would be bereft of campers as the entire nation drowns itself in unabated gluttony at various open houses. Apparently not as every inch of camp space over weekends was spoken for all through July and well into August. Considering Sg Pauh has a very large campsite footprint that can accomodate well over 150 heads - it seems that many like minded folks who are willing to forgo their ketupats and rendangs over this festive season.

A good base for exploring outlying nature trails

This is the favoured "base camp" for those wanting to trek up Gunung Berembun and for the less adventurous - to explore the surrounding nature trails -  in cool sub-20 temperature settings.

Lower East campsite
Lower West Campsite - the structures comprise of M/F toilets and a surau.

Upper tier campsite  before the arrival of 2 more camping parties
An open stage and wakaf for those preferring hammocks
What You Need to Know (based July 2016):

  • the campsite is well illuminated with incan lighting at night with optional power source for charging devices (speak to the Ranger for the latter);
  • it has shower and toilet facilities - which (just!) passes the "functional" test. Expectations vary but you'd be wise to be lower yours to its minimum settings i.e. convenient to have if you need to do "major banking deposit" but it is dirty and in serious need of maintenance .. buat blur mata and quickly do your business;
  • it has a well-equipped surau;
  • a small creek separates the the facilities from the campsite;
  • that small creek has occasionally turned into a raging torrent (flash flood), in which case, relocate your vehicles post haste before the water floats them downstream for you.
  • it's a bargain at RM5 per head;
  • the campsite is clean and well-manicured;
  • back to the toilet thing - it's all about perspectives. For every camper, the most valuable asset is to have a nearby water source. View the toilets as that and you'd be alright. And that you don't have to dig soil into the night when you have bowel movements. See? It doesn't sound so bad already.
  • depending on how lucky you are - the carpark can be anything from 30 seconds to 4 minutes away to the campsite. Err .. just ignore the signages and you drive in ..
Bottomline : if you are thinking of camping in Cameron Highlands, this site is recommended. And yep, we'd come back here again,

Home for the night!

Sungai Pauh

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Balik Kampung 2016!

Happy holidays and safe travels! 

Millenials and Gen-Y perhaps won't miss these moments but for the Baby Boomers and Gen X-er's, these are what defined our childhood years. #Throwback.

This house can sleep 70 pax easily. 100+ if you're pushing and lay down carpet on the porch!

Night orchestras which go on till 4 am in the morning  - meriam buluh a.k.a. meriam pokok kelapa

A natural forming ground water well

When the entire brood has descended home.. you need all the toilets you can have - the ubiquitous, icy cold water out-house toilets!

Kampong fare - simple yet fulfilling

Well, you might as well bring something down from the trees whilst you're at it ....