Monday, June 15, 2020

Hunt for Malaysia's Best Cycling Routes : Batu Arang - Fruit Valley Loop 50km

This is a 50km scenic route where only 5km is along a busy road. The remaining 45km consists of secondary and minor roads which have very little vehicular traffic and a pleasure to pedal on. Don't forget to take selfie stops at the sprawling vistas afforded by the fruit valley. This particular routing skips Batu Arang town - which you can easily detour to sample local favourites like roti goyang and lontong - if you wish. Check out the White House as you ascend out of Batu Arang on your way home.

Difficulty: Moderate
This is rated by elevation gain over distance and this route has a score of 6.71 (the higher the harder it is - as comparison a route up Genting Peras from Batu 18 is rated 8.33).  

What Does it Feel Like: Hilly
75% of the route will involve cycling at slight grade incline of +1.2% which translates to approximately:
  • 27.4% of time is spent climbing (10.3km) - indicative of some really steep climbs
  • 56.9% of time is spent flat (29.1km) - where the cool shaded palm trees are aka junk miles
  • 15.8% of time descending (10.7km)
Route Safety Score: 90%
No road is ever safe, but if you are looking for long mileage with less traffic, this route comes highly recommended. Santai riders should be able to complete this between 3 to 3.5 hours (without stops).  

Total Ascent: 414m

Parking : shoplots at Taman Residensi, near Bandar Tasik Puteri. Safe as houses with a 99 Speedmart to stock up on snacks and drinks.

Download GPX here

Disclaimers: this route guide is not intended for serious riders! When 90% of the course is made up of secondary and minor roads - there is no way riders can maintain a high average speed. Serious riders are best served by mileage consisting of main / primary / highway routes. Junk miles for serious riders are precious miles for easy riders.

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