Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tree Top Walk @ Sungai Sedim

Vertigo much? The walkway spans 925m for a complete rectangular clock-wise loop which is some 30m above river level. Admission is RM10 per adult (2014).

Located within Gunung Inas Forest Reserve, this attraction is located some 30km from Kulim @ N5° 24.799' E100° 46.972'. For weekenders this place is packed with picknickers as they pitch their mats along the crystal clear and icy cold waters of Sungai Sedim.

This POI is already in our maps since time immemorial.

If this place is packed, there is the other alternative of Lubok Jong - also along the same river further downstream.

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Snub for the Ipad Generation

Anyone recall your wild carefree days as a boy or girl growing up in the days when there were no PCs, Ipads and the internet?  For these boys, those days still exist ..

Pandalela would be proud

Just land between the 2 life threatening boulders and you'll be alright

Tahukah di mana anak anak anda berada hari ini?

Head first works too

Wow. An Ipad! Such fun!

Nasi Lemak Bukit Doraemon - Taiping

If you are a Nasi Lemak buff and happen to be in Taiping, you cannot miss this. We have tried Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Nasi Lemak Tanglin, Nasi Lemak Makcik .. and this by far beats all of them! And that is no mean feat!

Located at N4° 52.332' E100° 44.792', this stall sells nasi lemak tetek (small packets). A bare bones packet (without the extra dishes) costs RM1.20. You have some 20 odd side dishes to accompany your nasi lemak. More on that later.

The nasi lemak itself.

Wonderful, fragrant and tasty. With your first gingerly spoonful, you know you are on to something fabulous. It is light and flavorful. The sambal is mild. If Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa is known for its hot and sweet sambal, this takes it several notches lower. We were pleasantly surprised that the sambal was very mild yet very delicious. The owner says that the sambal is made that way to cater for the young and old - not too spicy for everyone yet packing maximum punch on the flavor scale.

They do not offer fried anchovies and peanuts on the side as most nasi lemak stations do. Instead, the anchovies come cooked in the sambal. Just the way we like it!

So a spoon of rice with a liberal dash of sambal gives your tastebuds a delightful experience. Truth be told, this stall was really discovering interesting out of nothing - we did not know of its existence prior to this from social media or whatever - and just happened to stumble by this stall by accident. So imagine our surprise when this stall bowled us over with their marvelous nasi lemak.

2 packs with side dishes : daging merah, fried egg, paru goreng, sotong sambal, teh ais and ice water
You have more than 20 side dishes to choose from.

Factoids :
On weekdays this stall serves some 20-30kg of nasi lemak. On weekends, the volume bumps up to 70kg! By 930 am on a weekend, some 50kg would have already been sold.

This stall opens from early morning till noon only. They close 1 day per week - the day varies, usually Mondays. They open on weekends and public holidays.

This is no regret nasi lemak at its finest. Personally, I have never tasted nasi lemak this good.