Friday, July 4, 2014

Gunung Rajah (up to Y Crossing)

Y Crossing
This was a leisurely hike along the Gunung Rajah trail. The complete trail to summit and back is about 27km but this is the short hike to Y Crossing. You have to take your boots off to make this crossing - and depending on weather, the water could be calf height to totally uncrossable (after heavy rain). On the other side, the trail continues on to Lata Naning and Kem Hijau and all the way to summit. 

Vital Stats
Min / max temperature : 27 deg / 33 deg C
Elevation gain : 565m
Max elevation : 618m
Avg HR / Max HR : 141bpm / 163 bpm
Distance : 17.81 km (Fenix)
Avg Pace : 14:03 min/km

Trail conditions : very good, well maintained, deadfalls all cleared, log crossings all intact. A good part of the first 8 km is exposed, so you are well-advised to start early.

Out and back profile
 If you don't mind the sun, the hike up to Y Crossing in one word : wonderful - gradual grade that saw us gain almost 600m in 9km. That is gentle by any standards and made for a wonderful stroll amidst cool forest settings. No hard climbing, no knee-to-chest climbs and it was literally a walk in a forest park. You will pass a Mini Hidro station and a tiny orang asli settlement with its neat houses.

At Y Crossing, dip in the sub-22 deg waters (measured at 3pm on a sunny day!), break out your stove, eat and head on back.

  •  proper hiking boots
  • trekking poles here pay dividends on a hike this long - use two to trek alpine style.
  • a hat for the exposed hike along the logging track
  • at least 3L of drinking water - or stove to purify river water at Y Crossing
  • there are leeches in the trail but not in abundance, you would be considered lucky if you are bitten by one.

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